Proteome reaches milestone in launch of proteomics service

Proteomics services with PhenoSwitch Bioscience

Proteomics services with PhenoSwitch Bioscience

Proteome Sciences has completed its next milestone towards the launch of ‘single cell proteomics’ services, it revealed on Wednesday, dubbed ‘SysQuant SCP’.

The AIM-traded company said it had actually installed a ‘cellenONE’ platform to enable the semi-automated preparation of up to 2,700 cells per week.

It anticipated that many industrial tasks would need analysis of in between 500 and 1,000 cells using ‘TMTpro’ multiplexing, meaning it would now be able to carry out a couple of such research studies weekly.

Dealing with such little samples was explained by Proteome as “tough”, and beyond the means of lots of scholastic and commercial research groups.

The business said it thought its staff members’ experience as inventors and manufacturers of TMT and TMTpro reagents gave it “special insights” into their use in such a “complex” setting.

Following preliminary experiments, the firm said it expected coverage of in between 1,000 and 1,500 proteins per cell.

It stated it was expecting conclusion of the platform and process recognition in the 3rd quarter, and to then release the devoted multiplex SysQuant SCP services prior to completion of the year.

That would complement the growth of its mass spectrometer platforms late last year, and would develop Proteome Sciences as “the premier supplier” of single cell proteomics, the board said.

” It is clear that the demand for a standardised service is growing rapidly,” said chief clinical officer Ian Pike.


” The usage of TMTpro reagents is considerably improving protection in studies of numerous private cells and offers the throughput essential for big studies required in pharmaceutical research”.


” By identifying each cell and isolating with TMTpro tags and after that mixing to make a more focused sample on the cellenONE platform, we can explore the true diversity of functional biology in every disease, with the prospective to recognize brand-new drug targets and diagnostic biomarkers.”

Dr Pike stated the system supplied the level of throughput needed for Proteome’s initial strategies to release a SysQuant SCP service, and would be scalable to rapidly increase capability amid a growing market chance.

” This is a significant step in the process and we have further interesting developments for single cell proteomics prepared for the future.”

At 1051 BST, shares in Proteome Sciences were uo 12.59% at 4.17 p.

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